Hallowe'en Shoot


Derek Cochrane 35 1st John Boyd Trophy
Gareth Hunt 35 2nd
Dave Edwards 34 3rd
Brennan Somers 34
Derek Cadger 32
Bob Lyon 30
Bill Gordon 28
Gavin Wemyss 28
Alan Walker 26
Kathleen Male 26
Len Strachan 26 Doughnut Trophy
Ron Male 25
Elaine Nimmo 23
John Diplexcito 23
Kay Ritchie 21
Davi Westwater 16
Sonia Mennie 10
George Duthie 0 Unfortunately ran out of air
Nick Pye DNS

Oliwia Gach 28 1st
Dominic Pye 26 2nd
Douglas Wardman 22 3rd
Amy Hunt 13 4th

This was the 7th Tayside Halloween shoot.
The John Boyd Trophy was presented for the 4th time.
Congratulations to all the winners.
This was the first year that we had windy conditions
but it did not deter the enthusiasts from participating.
A record number of club members turned up for this
evening of fun which was nice to see.
Thank you for attending and for the vote of thanks at the finish.

A big thank you to all who helped set up the course and clear
up afterwards.