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Tayside Airgun Club


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Open Sights

Saturday 12 May 2018


The weather was lovely with some actual, real life sun, and some people were seen in to be shooting in T shirts! A good time was had by all.


We had two juniors, both with good scores in this very difficult category of shooting!

Thanks to all who came and took part.


53        P Denmark New Kypeside


51        B. Kennedy  Westfield


45        Allan Thomson New Kypeside


44        Nick Pye Tayside


43        Gavin Wemyss Tayside


41        Mark Cumming Tayside


35        Andy MacFarlane New Kypeside


35        Pete Low D.A.C


33        G. Fergusson Tayside


28        Scot Surby  




28        Dominic Pye


20        Douglas Brown