Chairman’s Ramblings Part 1

Well it’s been 6 months since I took over as chairman of the club and quite a lot has happened in that time. Mostly administrative problems for the committee but some changes within the club also.
The committee has had some enforced changes made to it these are as follows:-
Kathleen Male is now treasurer
Mark Cook has taken on the role of vice chairman
Richard Slater has taken on the role of membership secretary which used to be part of the treasurer’s role but this was felt to be too much work for one person along with the financial work as well.
Those of you who use the barn will have noticed it is much improved , this is thanks to Nick Pye, Mark Cook and Sandy Duncan who carried out the repairs that were needed. There are to be further improvements to the barn later this year, all will be revealed when plans are finalised.
As usual following the new membership year the numbers dropped but they are now back up to a more healthy level. The waiting list is now down to just a few people and we are getting these people in as soon as we can.
The generator up at the hut has now been repaired and is again in full working order, just in time for us to not need lights or heating (hopefully) as its now summer.
The club is staging 2 SARPA competitions this year the first of which is on June 22nd. This is round 9 of the SARPA hft league; put this date in your diary as we will be needing help on the day and in the week running up to it. This is your club so even if you don’t shoot competitively lend a hand and make the event a success, it’s not easy to set up these competitions and any help anyone can give would be welcome, please don’t let it be the same half dozen people as always.
The second competition is the last round of the season, this is a special event as it is at this round where the individual and team trophies are handed out. Let’s hope we get one. This round is on19th October and again help will be required from the club members.
Now for a bit of a moan it has been noted over the last few weeks that the hut and the barn have been left in a bit of a state, the club is run by the members for the members so can everyone remember it’s your responsibility to tidy up after yourselves. If you use cups and pans in the hut, wash them and put them away again. In the barn if you move targets around put them back similarly if you use some of the none standard targets i.e. cans bottle tops etc. pick them up when you are finished, don’t leave it for someone else.
On Sunday I went to change the air bottle in the equipment hut only to find someone had tightened the charging rig so much it had stripped the corners off the plastic nut. It took considerable time to get the charging rig off the bottle and it is now needing replaced. The charging rig only needs to be hand tight, no pliers or mole grips are necessary. If you are not sure how to change the air bottles over or how much they need tightened ASK a committee member or one of the TARTS to help you. This means the club will now have to go to the unnecessary expense of buying a new charging rig ( £80 ).
Well that’s the moaning over, I hope you all enjoy your time at the club.


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