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STSair AGM meeting report held at Perth Community Campus 09/02/2019



Graham Ellis is going to contact Andy Kipwood (police liaison officer) again as he has had no response from his last contact re: information given to STS members when applying for licences


Chairperson’s report  

Trying to improve attendances at STS competitions, any ideas welcome also looking at other options for competitions. HFT and SARC scores not appearing on STS website as SARC manager not contacting other disciplines lead to have them put up.

A discussion took place about two members of Bedlay who compete in the 10m postal competition as Bedlay have not affiliated to STS and how they should be recorded on the score sheets. It was decided that they would be classed as STS individual (Bedlay)


Treasurers Report

The accounts are up to date and all recent expenses have been paid. It is still not clear how mush STS is holding in its funds for STSair the treasurer will try to find out before the next meeting.


Other Disciplines

Entry forms are out for the 10m rifle and pistol competitions for this year. Alan is hoping for a few more people taking part in the Fun pistol category.

It was decided at the last meeting to do away with trophies for the 10m events as there had been problems getting them back. Instead there would be a roll of honour on the STS website, this is now up and running and goes back to 2015. Winners will still receive medals as they do now.


It was decided to log all anecdotal evidence where licencing conditions and airgun laws were not being applied properly. This was following a couple of recent incidents of the police giving incorrect information to air gunners.

The draft operating procedure for STSair has been completed and passed to STS for approval.

The position of STSair secretary has still not been filled and there has been little interest in the post. Any STS members who feel they might be interested should contact the chairperson in the first instance.


The following clubs have now affiliated to STS


New Caledonian

New Kypeside




There has been no response from clubs regarding the draft HFT rules that were sent out following the last meeting. It was decided that lanes could have no more than 2 targets (i.e. 1 or 2)

New guidance for marshalling has been issued

A new gun safety protocol has been developed and will be sent out to all new STSair members and clubs. There is also a new safety brief for use on club days.


STSair has decided to hold Iron Sights competitions, a set of rules has been confirmed and STS is to promote this new discipline Tayside will host the first competition on 31/03/2019


A new league has been announced called ALBA league, it is unclear at present who has set this up but most clubs have signed up and dates for shoots have been published. The league has a simplified set of HFT rules and apparently been set up by people who do not agree with the over complication of HFT rules.  Graham Ellis is to find out who is running this and speak to them regarding their shoots counting toward the STS league scores.


STSair open forum to be held on 13/04/2019 at Perth Community Campus, North Inch, Perth start time 12.00 All STSair members welcome to come along and join in.


STS AGM is on 27/04/19 in Edinburgh venue and time to be announced.