Sunday 27th August 2017

Nick Pye 59 1st
Len Strachan 58 2nd
Dave Edwards 57 3rd
Mark Cumming 54
Gareth Hunt 54
Derek Cochrane 54
Alan Walker 53
Gavin Weymss 53
Kathleen Male 51
Stuart Elder 49
Stephen Whyte 49
Ally McNaughton 44
Graham Borland 44

Stan Hoskins 65
Stan elected not to have his score included

Jack Cumming 46
Dominic Pye 38

The competition took place over 40 targets and all shot from the standing
position. Some entrants found that harder than others. The weather was
kind to us staying dry, but with a chilly wind, all day
The banter was as good as ever, and the moans, sorry
excuses, were quite interesting.
A good day was had by all who participated.
Thanks to Derek for helping set up and clear the course.