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Tayside Airgun Club


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A missive by Stan Hoskins.


Who, What and Why are the T.A.R.T.S.


Who - The TARTS are a group of 5 members of Tayside Airgun Club who have certain things in common. 4 are all past, some well past, the age of retiral and due to age, or medical conditions all are only able to shoot from the standing position. Dave being the most agile is able to shoot kneeling, but as to getting down to shoot prone, forget it, once down we would have to stay there.


What – As stated we all shoot standing with the result that our scores are rather poor, if compared to other members shooting from the recognised positions. In truth some of the long distance shots when taken standing and unsupported are very difficult and to hit the face plates can be an achievement. To this end, with the permission of the committee we have introduced yellow faced targets alongside some of the more difficult shots at a range more conducive to our style.


Why – One Sunday while enjoying our coffee and roll between rounds in the club hut, Ally observed that several of our competing members, having been successful at shoots were sporting their award badges.” We will never be able to get any badges as we don’t compete,so we will have to make our own” says Ally. This is exactly what Ally and Ian did. We looked around for a name and came up with Tayside Air Rifle Target Shooters - TARTS. This is NOT a club within a club, 3 of the TARTS joined the club when it first started and we are all proud to be members of TAC, but rather a tongue in cheek group who although getting on, still enjoy their shooting, in fact 3 of us carry out vermin control on local farms.


So if you see us wearing our cap badges gives us a shout “How are you, you old TART”. I can assure you we will not be offended, in fact at some time in the future you to may want to become an old T.A.R.T.